Lucida’s kiss

This book – more of a short story to be honest – was an experiment in uploading a manuscript to Kindle. I’m not the most technically able person and when a friend asked if I could help her put up a collection of short stories I was embarrassed to find I had to say no. So I determined to have another go, having given up on the lengthy instructions a year earlier. This time I found the process very straightforward, maybe Amazon had simplified the instructions or the process, or I was just in a better frame of mind. The only piece of longer writing I had was this story of Lucida which I’d first started writing way back around 2009/2010. A quick edit and up it went. I even found the design of a simple cover easy to achieve. Since then I have spotted various errors in the text and have edited the story further and found out how to simply re-upload the manuscript.

The story of Lucida began as a one-off piece for a blog, intended to answer back another blogger who was getting on my nerves. There were meant to ‘messages’ in the post which he would understand. Anyway, other followers of my blog, actually written under an odd false name, asked me to continue the story. For two weeks I wrote about 400 to 500 words a day and posted. I was delighted to keep the plot going as I had not written anything of any length for many, many years due to my work draining me of all creative thoughts.

A month of two later, after persistent reminders from my small army of followers, I agreed to finish the tale off to a fuller conclusion, having left various questions unanswered. Again I wrote every day for a fortnight. There are still a number of plot lines unanswered and strange, powerful characters hinted at but never explained. Maybe if any interest is shown in the story I will write a sequel, or even try to rewrite the story as a full length novel (I did start the first chapter once, several years ago…).

That’s the background to Lucida’s kiss – ifΒ  anyone buys it I hope you think it was worth paying for such a short tale – about 12,000 words. I am now editing two novellas set in the late 1950s/early 1960, both much longer at around 40,000 and 30,000 words.

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