Editing the story

I am now within three or four chapters of finishing the editing of this story about the American PI written with these hyphenated words. It’s been a slow process due to time being taken up elsewhere and my enthusiasm drying up quickly when I have to go back over a story. I had hoped to cut the word count down by several thousand but it hasn’t worked out that way. If anything I have added a few hundred words. This either means I have left in far too much waffle and unnecessary diversions or my original story was well nigh word perfect. I think I know which it is.

It’s always fascinating to go back over work you wrote some time ago. Much makes you cringe but occasionally you get a chapter where you think ‘I really nailed that piece’ and just rarely you get tears in your eyes when a scene really comes off. There’s one chapter where our protagonist meets a woman who is destined to play a significant part in the story yet I remember at the time I just brought her in because I needed someone for the main character to bounce off. The words I put into the woman’s mouth can sound quite prescient now.

Once the edit is complete I can’t face going through it again as I suppose one should. I will probably try and find a few publishers who might take novellas and send off the necessary bits and pieces. After a couple of months I will put it up on Kindle and probably as a paperback too and see if anyone is interested in it. Hopefully at least the members of the writers’ group will buy the e-book!

After I had completed the initial draft around Christmas 2016 I began a sequel. I had got this character and setting so stuck in my head I couldn’t think about writing anything else. In about mid February I finished this story. It came in at around 26,000 words. It was a struggle in places to keep the plot going and I did crawl over the finishing line with the last three chapters. With the story being shorter than the first tale I will probably need to fill in a few chapters to bring it nearer to the 35,000-40,000 word count. TheΒ  bad guy characters definitely need some work.

So, on with the editing…

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