Another day at the keyboard

After a few days doubting if the project was worth continuing with, doubts sown partly by a less than enjoyable Writers’ Group meeting, I managed to return to the laptop today. I’ve decided to finish the edit and then either self-publish or maybe send off the idea to a couple of publishers who list novellas among their output.

I also determined to write something different today. Usually I have just taken my next episode of my novella into meetings but I thought I would have a go at one of the prompts on the agenda. Something without a single made-up hyphenated word! I had tried a couple of times last week but ended up staring at the screen and then giving up. This time I managed to get started, a sort of a streaming of the consciousness piece of writing. The prompt was about trying to remember something you’d forgotten. My take was to have Satan, finally defeated, trying to remember the one word he had to utter in order to save himself. The word was ‘sorry’. It needs more work but it will do for the next meeting and it was very satisfying to produce something unrelated to my ‘writing project’. I must try some more over the next week.

In order to keep focused when writing today I started with BBC Radio 2 then switched later to a collection of Frank Sinatra songs from the 1950s. The latter are excellent when writing my story set in the late ’50s and are such a relaxing background sound at any time.

Having been out for a lengthy walk this morning I then found I had to go up the road again as the postman delivered a package meant for the same numbered house several streets away. Twit. The receiver will probably pick up the package tonight after work and praise the postal service for their rapid service. They’ll never know…


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