Friday post

Working on another piece using a prompt from my Writers’ Group agenda. Good to be back writing something other than the novellas. It also makes those seem fresher when I return to them.

This piece is about walking home at night. I’ve decided to go for another dark aspect, about a guy letting his thoughts wander as he walks, just our minds do most of the day, jumping from one unconnected topic to another and failing to concentrate on the most important thing. In this case, which is the best way to do away with his wife. Nicely dark.

With the first novella I have finished the first edit and I was going to leave it there and find one or two publishers to send it off to. But I would quite like to put it up on Kindle, I like to see my work actually ‘in print’, even though it means I won’t sell many copies as I’m not very good at the self-marketing thing. I don’t know how people can put up so much true information about themselves online – photos, backgrounds, etc. I’m too worried my details will get stolen and misused somewhere.

I’ve also decided I need to go through the novella again to double-check if I have left in any ineffective or over clever hyphenated words. It’s a case of getting a balance between using them to give the story a unique edge and not overdoing it and trying to be too clever for my own sake. I need to be more objective and leave in the ones which really do add something to the style.

Break for lunch…might as well publish this.


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