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If you search the web for help in promoting your book most ‘experts’ will suggest setting up a presence on the various branches of social media. Facebook and Twitter are the obvious ones but all the other regular ones will be thrown in too. Having run my own Twitter account for my writing over the last couple of months I can see why other ‘experts’ argue the other way and say you will never sell many books via your social media outlets.

Apart from the large commercial accounts which follow just about everyone, most of your followers will be other writers, some experiencing mild sales from their ebooks and others like yourself with few or no sales. The chances that any of these followers will purchase your book is very small. Perhaps if you give away a copy of your book they might download it but it will have to be pretty fantastic for them to read it all. Most writers want to sell their own books, not help you sell yours, in my opinion.

Setting up a blog, maybe on WordPress, could have some benefits. If you put up lots of your writing it is possible to gain a lengthy list of followers and interaction via comments can strike up something of a relationship. If you put up poetry you can build up substantial numbers of followers quite quickly. I’m guessing this is because it is very hard to get published a a poet and very easy to put up your poems on a blog. And it’s a lot easier to keep writing poems, even if of poor quality, rather than write a story of say 1000 words. I know that sounds a little cynical, it’s just my impression from running blogs over the last ten years. I’ve been guilty of writing crap poems just to get a few comments from people who are desperately hoping you’ll comment on their work in return.

So, with Twitter and Facebook I think you can only really grow your readership if you are already a successful author. People will then seek you out, hoping for news of your next book, or freebies, or news about you. Even then, unless you’re selling thousands and thousands of copies, I don’t think social media is going to improve your sales. Only my opinion, maybe people out there making money from scratch with books can let me know how wrong I am.

2 thoughts on “Social media”

  1. In my experience, every marketing technique requires a learning curve before it gives satisfactory results. Some people have great success with social media. I don’t. My conclusion from that is not that social media doesn’t work to sell books; it’s that I haven’t put the time and effort into learning how to use it effectively.

    That being said, it seems to me that social media is a lot harder nut to crack than other methods.

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