All quiet on the coffee front

A visit to a neighbouring town found me taking a coffee in Mr Bean’s around 9.30 a.m. and it was remarkably quiet. It was an overcast day with drizzle but then again you thought that might have sent people scurrying into a coffee house for a drink and chat.

2017-09-25 10.05.33

There were a group of older women behind me who had come in in ones and twos so were clearly a ‘ladies who do coffee’ group of some kind. And I only just realised this establishment does two shots of coffee as the default setting, I wondered why I found today’s cup a little strong after several visits elsewhere last week specifically asking for one shot only. With a blood pressure check on Thursday I thought it wise to keep my caffeine intake lower before the pesky nurse bans me from all types of coffee. Can you stand going into a coffee house and asking for a tea?

2017-09-25 10.05.24

Just discovered in one of my laptop folders a little opening scene I wrote after coming into this coffee shop back in 2015. I was going to add it here but I better read it through first in case it sounds too banal and cliched. I’ll put it up tomorrow.


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