(another day, another coffee house…)

2017-10-19 08.55.27


counter queue,
early morn shoppers,
late running office girls,
hair half brushed,
hair ponytail tied,
one bag shoulder drooping,
another hand clutched,
newspaper-swapping passers-by,
cash fumbling,
loyalty card fingering,
dreaming of the free latte,
one day promised;
assistants recalling regulars orders,
headstacking the new next three,
eyeing deserted cups ready to recycle;
young men counter leaning,
fresh chatting fake-smiled trapped servers,
hoping banter turns to a night time rendezvous;
then silence falls,
empty queued,
silent turnover,
profits draining away with seated drinkers,
one coffee long drawn out over time long dawdled,
while outside strollers pass,
and market stallholders jealously eye warm-cosseted baristas;
the customer line regrows,
shoe shuffling,
eyeing shelf laden snacks condemned by salt and sugar within
and small print defined,
female identikit line up,
mismatched coats and skirts,
backpacks fighting with clutch bags for possession of minute phone and cardholder,
older buyers self consciously purchasing,
feeling out of place in a Friends-inspired scenario,
clothes safe bought at safe class aimed outlets,
surrounded by Top Shop and River Island manikins;
all await the sweet brown hit.




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