Music to cry by

As I continue to try and edit my short novel, if that’s what you call a 58,000 word story, I feel like writing something different. So here are three songs that I have discovered or rediscovered via YouTube recently and have today finally got around to downloading from iTunes. It’s a bit embarrassing to say ‘discovered’ when they all date to the 1960s or early 1970s. At that time I was listening to Bowie and Genesis and Yes so two of these songs passed me by. In the 60s I was only interested in chasing a football on a muddy pitch.

Song One: Different Drum by the Stone Poneys

This is one I only came across recently on YouTube, probably from that ‘recommended’ list down the right hand side. I must have been following up some other tune I’ heard on the radio and stumbled across Linda Ronstadt singing this masterpiece. I remember Linda more from the 1970s as a solo singer and a hell of a beautiful young woman. I love the opening line of this song – ‘You and I travel to the beat of a diff’rent drum’. That reads like the synopsis of a novel about a couple’s relationship throughout their lives. I’ll try and write it one day. The song was written by The Monkees’ Mike Nesmith. It has such a simple but heart-rendering tune I could listen to it on repeat for hours.


Song 2: Rose of Cimarron by Poco

I think I chose this song as one of my ‘Music to write by’ tunes so I may repeat myself here. Another one I missed the first time around and only came across after hearing it on a radio program. The song is based around a real character, a heck of a lady if her story is true, Rose Dunn waiting for the man she loved. The song has a fantastic hook line and the version with Timothy B. Schmit is incredible, he has a wonderful high voice which is perfect for this song. Some versions also have beautiful guitar solos.


Song 3: Traveling Boy by Art Garfunkel

Now this one I bought back in the 1970s. It was on Art’s album ‘Angel Clare’, a real eclectic mix of songs. This is a very commercial song which suits Art’s voice perfectly. The lyrics have been accused of seeing a passing relationship solely from the guy’s point of view but I guess you have to remember it was written in different times. And, interestingly, it was more recently covered by Rumor, a wonderful British female singer. But Art’s version just builds and builds, a delight.


So, get your tissues ready…






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