A Hepburn obsession

Yes, I have to admit it. I am becoming obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. I’m sure I must have watched movies with her in over the years but it is only in the last twelve months I have slowly found myself seeking out everything Hepburn.

The reason is quite sinple. Miss Rios.

Miss Rios is a character I created in my first novella ‘Bobby Olsen’. He, the main character, was first involved with a woman called Gloria, who was a typical New York brunette brought up on the wrong side of the sidewalk, and then with another named Martha who resembled a slightly slimmer version of Maryln Monroe. So when I found Bobby by himself halfway through the story – Gloria having been dumped, Martha gone missing – I needed a different type of female to bring in, initially for just one chapter. I must have googled something like ‘1950s female movie stars’ and then perused through the images. And Audrey Hepburn leapt out – dark haired and slim and the opposite to the other women in the tale. Having referred to Miss Rios as ‘Little Miss Hepburn’ early on, every time I brought her into the story I found myself googling ‘Audrey Hepburn’ to see what hairstyles she sported and what clothes she wore. The only difference I made was to suggest Miss Rios had a slight brown tinge to her skin, hinting at a background in the south of the USA, probably from Mexico.

It is only in recent weeks I have sought out more on Audery Hepburn. I came across the opening to Breakfast at Tiffany’s on YouTube and was stunned by the music (‘Moon River’), the shooting of the scene, and Audrey in her evening gown, big shades and carrying her takeaway coffee and bagel. That led to finding a DVD on Amazon which contained five of her movies, including Breakfast at Tiffany’s, for just Β£12 ($16). I’ve now watched that plus Roman Holiday. That led on to buying Audrey’s biography – still waiting to be read. And also seeking out photos of her online. I particularly like her phase with the pixie haircut, it offsets her thick eyebrows, piercing eyes and wide lips so well. In my novellas I had Miss Rios with long hair in the first book and with the pixie cut in the second. Today I even have Audrey’s photo set as my screensaver – yes, it’s all getting rather sad…

Anyway, it’s interesting how a character can take you over and how they can develop from simple beginnings.


Audrey Hepburn NRFPT 30




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