2018 – a definite Write-Off

A Write-Off in the sense that writing is the only thing I seem to have done in 2018!

One book, started in December 2017, was completed in March 2018, edited and published on Amazon at around 60,000 words. A simple tale, written in cafes, edited at home.

Another book, the third using a character I created back in 2016, has just been finished in its first draft at around 68,000 words. Again initially composed in cafes with some of the final chapters written in the late afternoons at home, it now awaits editing. While I am starting this at home I need something to occupy myself when sat in various cafes if there is no one around to talk with, so in the last few days I have written about 4,000 words of a new story about one of the minor characters in the three book series, an attempt to ape the style and length of Breakfast at Tiffany’s – yes, a slightly high bar to jump at, I think I have aborted several take-offs already…

And so on we go, hopefully the writing is improving in style and content and readability, certainly my latest book had more dialogue in it after my experiment with writing a tale mostly in dialogue.Β  Are we any nearer writing something of worth? Not really, but it’s fun to keep trying and it keeps me out of mischief. More or less…

Oh, I nearly forgot, I also published the second book, 35,000 words, using the Bobby Olsen character. That had been completed back in February 2017 but I only got around to editing it in 2018. Blame it on house moves and plans to make it longer which never came to anything.






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