Another birth of words

Over the last four months or so I have continued to write three or four days a week, in a local coffee shop, and have today reached what I think is the end of the story. It’s not a tale about my two main characters, Bobby Olsen and Carol Rios, but one that starts in New York in 1959 then quickly moves forward to New York in 1969. It’s getting interesting having to research a different period to add details about clothes, music and all the rest.

On several occasions, no, let’s be honest, on many occasions, I thought about stopping the writing and moving on to another Olsen story. But I have persevered and got to the end. When I begin to edit it I just hope there’s an interesting plot line there.

The working title is ‘Home Run’, due to a baseball interest the main two characters have. It’s funny how some books take ages to think up a title for them, others you almost get the title before you start writing. Presently it comes in at around 77,000 words; it may touch 80,000 after I had more background detail about New York and the time period. My editing never seems to decrease the word count – must be because my writing is so perfect – oh yes, hah!

And I have now to quickly think of a new story to begin when I go into the coffee house next, probably on Friday. I’ll try another one with Olsen and Rios as I have a friend who seems to really enjoy them. What I would like to do is rewrite one of my books as a screenplay, as I think my stories are more like a movie, the way I ‘see’ the scenes in my head before writing them down. Quite a challenge.




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