Two writes can’t be wrong

So, having said in my last post that I had come to the end of my current story, I found myself today sat in the coffee house at 8.40 a.m. with a blank Word document in front of me. At home was the ‘manuscript’ of ‘Home Run’; I can’t edit in the coffee house as I need to research on the internet, and I don’t like to link up to WIFI outside of home. And I can’t stay sat in the coffee house all day. The answer, as some months ago, is to begin the next book straight away. A bit crazy, but then that’s how things are.

To be honest, I had checked out an idea I wrote down a few weeks ago for the next tale involving the two characters I created a couple of years ago. I took the piece of paper with me to the coffee house and read through it to remind me of the possible outline. It may not turn out to be the main story, but it should give me a kind of outline to get started with. I kept hinting in the previous two books about these characters, Bobby Olsen and Carol Rios that a) they were getting married sometime, and b) Bobby was going to meet Carol’s parents. Remember he’s a New Yorker, the stories are based there, and Carol’s from down Mexico way so her parents could have an interesting background. I suppose I ought to at least get to grips with that latter plot line. I’m not sure whether to make the parents straightforward or maybe to have the father to be like Bobby’s, a shady character the wrong side of the law.
Today then I managed to write about 880 words in about forty-five minutes to get the story started. A typical action scene to introduce Bobby again and New York in 1960 and his connection with Carol. I was surprized how easy it was to slip back into Bobby’s character again. Like putting on old slippers, they might say. One thing I need to do is think up names for a few characters, particularly the main ones. It’s quite hard to do that in the coffee house without looking online to be sure certain names were common around 1960. And it rather wastes writing time sitting there trying to come up with a name.
Tomorrow I hope to get to the coffee house again early, it’ll be interesting to see if the story comes as easy the second time. And meanwhile I have a story to edit at home, set in 1969. It gets confusing at times. I started editing the opening scene the other day, looked up three car makes and models then realized I had put 1969 cars in a scene set in 1959. Aah!
Postscript: posting a day later; another 800 words or so done in the coffee house. We’re on a roll!

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