Music to write by – 12

Fleetwood Mac

A couple of weeks ago I watched a documentary about Christine McVie, one of the long-standing members of this group which has been in existence for some fifty years. It was a fascinating programme, charting the rise and development of the group and Christine’s part within that. Particularly of interest was how she left the band for fifteen years before rejoining in the last year or so. I had not realised what a talented songwriter she is and how her writing complemented that of Stevie Nicks. To have two contrasting styles within one group gives them such a range of music, especially when Lindsay Buckingham was also contributing his unique song writing too. (He has recently been sacked from the group.)

I only became interested in their music a year after Rumours came out. They were a band I had not been attracted to but I suppose I bought that album because it was at number one for so long and I was curious aboutΒ  its contents. I must have heard various singles on the radio as well. But I have no other Fleetwood Mac albums in my collection except for a ‘Greatest Hits’ CD I bought a day after seeing the programme.

The band members seem to have survived their years of drink and drugs reasonably well and seem in good health. In their seventies now I hope we see no dramatic deterioration over the next five years when their lifestyles might catch up with them. Christine McVie does have a slight drawn-out voice you associate with someone who has drunk too much too often or taken drugs too many times over the years. You reap what you sow and all that.

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