The Past blasts you

I have recently reconnected with my old secondary school and submitted a few memories for inclusion in their yearly magazine. I was at the school when it went through many changes, from the removal of strict rules dating from the early twentieth century to the inclusion of girls, so my stories were somewhat sought after. The lady I was dealing with then forwarded me a photograph of the school pupils taken in 1974 and asked me to pick myself out so she could crop the photo and include my ‘head’ next to my memories. Boy, has the photo brought back memories! Particularly of the teachers and the fact so many are now no longer with us. I knew some had passed away but looking at others I know they must also have left us after working out their likely ages back in ’74. No doubt more than a few of the boys and girls haven’t made it through to December 2019 too. But happy memories, especially of the staff. They were a talented team of teachers and must have had quite a handful to cope with when I look at us all sat there with our rebellious 1970s expressions. We were a highly selective school so we were an intelligent bunch – all the harder to deal with.

Photographs are wonderful, aren’t they? All those children and adults still live in the picture, and in my memory.





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