Random Write 1

I’m finding it so hard to find time to write any posts here. As I write my novels, or attempts at novels, daily and I edit the finished manuscripts from previous attempts, it doesn’t leave me much time to or desire to write anything else. So, I will try and put up simple posts detailing what writing I have achieved and any other silly things to do with writing or cats or music or whatever. Nothing earth-shaking or wonderous, no masterpieces of writing, just blah blah blah.

Today, Saturday, I was at the usual coffee shop at 8.35 a.m., coffee ordered and writing begun. It wasn’t my most prolific session, the room filled up quite quickly being the weekend and I’m not yet really into the story I’m presently writing. The group of similar-aged men were in the shop as they always are and I fell into the temptation of listening to their conversation and consequently was writing about one word of my own for twenty of their spoken ones. Because I’m not sure where my story is going right now I’m dragging out each scene, mainly through dialogue, and hopefully through adding more detail for the minor characters. Let’s hope it doesn’t become too slow a read.

While editing my previous story I noticed how often I use ‘his’ and ‘her’ when quite unnecessary. It’s been surprising how many I have deleted. I’ve also used more contractions in the narrative, not just in the speech. The guy who’s narrating speaks quick and casual so I decided the story unravelling inside his head would follow a similar style. It certainly makes the read go fluently.

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be an editing day if I do any writing-related work.

Watched an interesting TV progamme about gardens in the USA last night – it partly answered something I’ve always wondered, why do so many American front gardens comprise only of lawn.




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