Music to Write By – 13

In the charts around January 1969 and discovered by me when researching music for a book I wrote last year set in New York in 1969. I’d never heard the song or of the group before but it still sounds good all these years later.

A bit of info from Wikipedia – Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers were a Canadian soul band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The group recorded for the Gordy Records division of Motown Records in 1968, where they had a top 30 hit single, “Does Your Mama Know About Me”. As a producer and solo artist, Bobby Taylor contributed to several other soul recordings, both inside and outside of Motown. Taylor is most notable for discovering and mentoring The Jackson 5. Tommy Chong was a member of Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers before he became famous as a comedian.

That piece of info was interesting – I’ve recently read a book about Detroit in 1968 and how Berry Gordy built up Motown which peaked in 1968, unfortunately at the same time as riots hit the city.

Fascinating to see Taylor had influence with The Jackson 5 too.



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