Random Write 4

A beautiful sunny but cold day here in south east England. A brisk walk along the seafront to the coffee shop and a good forty-five minutes of writing. The coffee had rather a thin foam today but the wonderful taste made up for it. All the regular guys were in the shop – I use the term ‘guys’ loosely here as it includes two women who are regular early birds –Β  and wonderfully the one noisy man is on holiday so the conversations were low and not distracting. I find if I ‘log-on’ to something being discussed it’s very hard to re-concentrate on my writing.

So, a couple of hundred new words added to the new story, mostly dialogue as the main theme of the book becomes evident, after just 25,000 words! Oh dear. With three characters in the conversation it was quite tricky to make sense of the talk, I’m sure there’s some editing to be done there a few months down the line. There’s lots of ‘Carol folded her arms’, ‘I put the cup down’ and ‘Alicia coughed’.

A few photos taken on the way home to show the sunny weather and the pier and seafront.






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