Random Write 5

I have finally completed editing and uploading my latest book, The Book Trail,  to Amazon. As the books get longer, nearly 90,000 words this time, so the editing takes longer and longer. I keep forgetting to upload the e-book first as that gives you one final spellcheck. As I’m writing in American English and with slang words and terms I usually can just click ‘Ignore’ when spelling errors are thrown up but there is always the possibility I’ve missed something which needs correcting. This time there was one ‘sidewalk’ misspelt as ‘siedwalk’. So annoying! It doesn’t take long to correct and upload the Kindle version but the paperback edition was already ‘In Review’ for its first publication so I have to wait until its live and then upload the corrected version. I also had an error with the e-book cover as I clicked to launch the ‘Cover Creator’ rather than just upload the cover I had on my computer. Annoying but easy to correct. All this and no one will buy it anyway!

I’m about 35,000 words into the next book, another story about PI Bobby Olsen. It’s been slow going as I usually have a change in between his books and write something different. This time I couldn’t think of anything so ploughed on regardless and took Bobby and Carol down to Texas to visit Carol’s parents.  I expect I will keep going and churn out something.

Editing was hard work. I can’t make up my mind about contractions. Bobby is the narrator so it seems logical for words like ‘could’ve’, should’ve’, must’ve’ etc to be used but I can’t convince myself in some sentences, especially with ‘must’ve’. I’ve noticed some authors go all the way while others keep everything very prim and proper with ‘have ‘ in full four letters. This time I’ve erred on the side of contracting as much as possible.


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