Guest post – Real Charlie’s angels

(an offering from ‘Jessica’ who used to write a blog back around 2010-12 and who now concentrates on writing books. “One of my recurring posts was about three young women sharing a house in Dulwich, London. Here’s one of my favourite pieces, based on a true event. Thanks, Jamie, for letting me resurrect it.”)

‘And what about last night…another classic episode in the lives of three simple girls in Dulwich.

About 8pm me and Lucy are sitting in the lounge listening to music while Rosie is upstairs in her bedroom doing…well, it’s never a good idea to ask what Rosie alone does in her room…
Suddenly Rosie comes hurtling down the stairs at full speed.
‘Rats! We’ve got rats!’
At once me and Lucy lifted our feet off the floor. After Rosie had calmed down she claimed she had heard a scraping sound coming from the loft. It took a while but she did at last convince us, so reluctantly we went up and sat in her room for 10 minutes listening. Not a sound. Back down we went, leaving a worried Rosie behind. A few minutes later…down she comes again.
‘Rats” Mice! Something! In the loft!!’
Here we go again…me and Lucy looked at each other and dragged ourselves upstairs again. Nothing. Down we went again…10 minutes later…
‘Rats! Rats! Mice! There is defo something in the loft!’
We had just about had enough of this and only just managed to stop ourselves from locking Rosie in the downstairs loo. But we are nice friends…so we trooped upstairs yet again! We sat on Rosie’s bed and listened. And…
There was a scraping sound!!!!!
We all leapt on the bed together in surprise. We thought about calling one of our neighbours but said, hang on, we’re tough cookies from South London, we can deal with this ourselves!
A few minutes later we are clambering up the ladder into the loft, torches in hand and rolling pins at the ready – well, Rosie couldn’t find one so she grabbed the nearest longish round object from her room…say no more…- and we started to look around the loft.
We stood there by the loft flap in the dusty, box-filled space and scanned everywhere with out torches.
We listened.
We were about to suggest going back down when we heard it again – a definite scraping sound.
It was a rat or a mouse!!
It had to be!
Lucy nearly fell down the loft stairs, followed by us two. But, we’re brave, tough, no-messing-with-us-girls, aren’t we, so we went back up, went further in and began looking behind boxes.
Suddenly there was the sound again!
As I fell back in shock I knocked over a large packing case.
Onto the loft floor…dust everywhere.
And there we stood, in the middle of the loft…just like Charlie’s Angels, back to back, torches shining out, trying to find the rat or mouse. What we would do if we found it was anyone’s guess…
Then the front door bell rang.
We nearly hit the roof joists in surprise!
Now what? Down we went, carefully closing the hatch to stop whatever it was coming down into the house. We opened the door. It was John from next door. He looked a little startled – three girls, covered in dust and cobwebs, shining torches into his face and looking like they just seen a ghost.
‘Er, just wondered if you girls were ok? I heard a tremendous thump from your loft just now. I’ve been up in my loft room scraping the woodchip paper off the wall, hell of a job……….’
Let’s just say John very nearly went home with a torch inserted where torchlight wouldn’t be of much use…