A great Prospect

Prospect is a 2018 movie directed by Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell. It is a low budget sci-fi film with a Western edge, with the principal characters prospecting for gems on distant planets. It stars Pedro Pascal, Sophie Thatcher, and Jay Duplass.

And Sophie Thatcher is the reason to watch this movie. This is her debut film and she is a name to look for in the future.

The movie premiered on March 5, 2018 at the South by Southwest Film Festival. These type of B movies often fail because of a poor script full of clichΓ©s, second-rate actors who can only do two expressions and CGI and scenery which looks like they were made on a children’s’ TV show. Prospect has excellent actors, a tight script, and uses simple but effective scenery, most of it out in the natural world with just a stream of ‘bubbles’ overlaid to show the air is not safe to breath.

In the first ten minutes or so I did wonder if I would stick with the film. The actors were wearing spacesuits and walking through a very obviously Earth forest. It is to the great credit of the scriptwriters and the actors that you very quickly find yourself completely living in the world and believing all you see. Similarly the inside of the landing craft is full of buttons to press and boxes to slide into holes yet it comes across as believable – because the actors believe.

I won’t go into the plot; watch it yourself, here in the UK it was shown on Film 4 two days ago and will no doubt be repeated, and you can find it elsewhere for a small fee. Stick with it, you’ll be surprised how much you will get sucked in.

Sophie Thatcher is very good as the daughter, in the phase of life of being part child, part adolescent. By the end she is the strongest character left. It will be fascinating to see how her acting career develops, if she decides to continue.