My Books


Bobby Olsen
My first book. This is about a character called Bobby Olsen who works as a private investigator on New York in 1959. It is not a ‘hard-boiled’ story. It has a lightness to it. Yes, people get killed, but there is no excessive gore and violence. Yes, people fall in love, but there is no explicit sex. It’s all written in the very best taste.



The Witness
As it says, this is the sequel to ‘Bobby Olsen’. Bobby discovers one of his father’s hoodlums isn’t willing to accept times have changed. And one of Carol’s former college friends turns up and leads she and Bobby a merry dance.



Sour Revenge
Death turns up early in an investigation and Bobby and Carol are dragged into the dark side of New York. Another murder close to home threatens the duo’s determination to seek revenge.


the book trail 2

The Book Trail
Bobby by chance hears of a book which contains the names of many people involved with New York’s underworld; politicians, sports stars, and any John Doe unwise enough to tread a toe over the legal line. Every case seems to link to this mysterious, maybe fictitious, book. The body count increases, and leads to an unlikely finale with flames and guns waved dangerous.



Expiring Offer
Gary, an older guy, goes to collect an order from a fashion store frequented by younger people. The female assistant, young enough to be his daughter, starts up a conversation. It’s the beginning of quite an adventure. Is she along for his experience or has she really fallen for Gary? Oh, and there’s a dead body involved. And lots of money. And guns, And a strange woman who works for a government agency. Or does she?



Strangers in Love
Gloria Raccio is New York to the core: brash, bruised, and beautiful. And Roy Dalton fell for her back when she first threw fists in the schoolyard in 1944. Ever since, he has burned a roaring torch for Gloria in the shadows. The more Roy learns of Gloria’s life, mired in New York’s lowlife clubs and bars, the more he becomes mired in his love for this young Apple woman. When events start to spiral faster than a Charybdis-spun whirlpool, they move toward an outcome Roy could only dream about. The trouble with dreams is how you deal with the waking up.


Home Run 3

Home Run
1959: New York teenager Greg Swensson spends his vacations playing baseball on scratched out pitches in parking lots behind laundries and diners. Alongside him is his buddy Shirl, a tomboy who hits home runs for fun. Life’s good – as long as you keep winning the rough-sewn pennant from your neighboring street rivals. Then Greg sees something he shouldn’t have. And days later Shirl and her family leave the city. 1969: Now a trainee reporter on the New York Times, Greg leaves a bar with girlfriend Darlene. A familiar young woman passes him. Greg’s life changes overnight.